Interior Remodels

Renovations made easy

Whether its a change of style, addressing a safety issue, or simply wanting to increase the value of your buildings, Currin has got you covered.

When you remodel a whole building, it isn’t as simple as picking colors and materials. You must take the wiring, plumbing, and several other factors into account.

At Currin we make it easy. You give us the vision you have planned for your home and we’ll give you a concise plan you can follow.

Whatever your reason, things can be changed through small improvements such as the lighting, blinds, new toilet seats, or updating the outdated dishwashers.


finish the look with a new deck

A commercial deck adds a sense of style and add more space without interrupting the landscape. Commercial decks also increase the value of your business and add a sense of importance.

There are many details that must be considered when picking materials. You can go natural with cedar or go artificial with Duradek.

Another thing to consider is the position of the commercial decks. Will it be in the sun? In the shade? Will it be exposed to rain? At Currin, we answer those complicated questions with simple answers.


make a good first impression

Appearance has a big influence. We’ve all heard of the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover,” But subconsciously we all still do it.

People will usually get a feel of who you are and what you have to offer by your appearance, whether its about you or your business.

We want your property to look like a place that people will instantly love. Our job is not done until we see you happy with the product in front of you.


enclose your property

Commercial fences can be an unique addition to your property or business. They provide security and safety to you and the people around. 

A commercial fence does more than just enclose your property, it can bring a polished and professional look to any building.

There is a vast number of materials to pick from. Whether you want a vintage looking style or a more modern design, we will bring your idea to life. 


have a smaller project?

We take on many smaller commercial projects. Many of these projects are very detailed and require days of planning and building. 

Currin is especially detailed in tenant improvements and buildouts and maintaining the highest quality of work. 

Why? The answer is simple.

Currin takes pride in these projects because these are the ones that reflect what your business has to offer.

trash enclosures

trash doesn't have to be ugly

A well built enclosure will last the harsh weather that Oregon throws at us and keep your trash where it needs to be and out of places it shouldn't.

This avoids any unnecessary tickets from the state by having your trash not properly secured. 

It also improves the cleanliness of your property and makes throwing out the trash a much better experience for your tenants.

Get started with a FREE In-Person Consultation!

One of our team members can go out to your property for a free inspection and consultation of your next project. 

Get important information that will help build out your renovations on budget and on time, regardless if you work with us or not. 

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